Friday, April 14, 2017

Copying your accel settings between DPIs

If you are interested in increasing your mouse's DPI to create a smoother acceleration curve, this calculator can help you get a similar feel to the curve you are currently using. Note that it won't be exactly the same as before due to the driver having more inputs to work with, but overall I find higher DPIs feel much better and more consistent.

Post-Scale X
Post-Scale Y

Note that if you have the "Scale Accel with Post-Scale X" or "Scale SensCap with Post-Scale X" options checked, then the values for those variable will be adjusted when you change Post-Scale X. Make sure that your sensitivity cap number is the same as the old number before you save changes (Sensitivity cap is a multiplier of how much your sensitivity can be raised relative to post-scale, so if it was 2 to double your sensitivity, make sure it's still 2 after you change the other values).

And if you use any Power that isn't 2, I have no idea if this is right or not - sorry.


  1. Thank you so much for this application! I wanted the accuracy of a low sens with the agility of a high sens and this program seems perfect!

  2. Thanks for all of this KovaaK, I just was introduced to this project today and I'm loving everything with it so far. I wasn't able to find information on Global Hotkeys though.

    Do keyboard keys only work for global hotkeys? I would love to be able to use RButton or XButton1/XButton2 in this program to either enable or disable or possibly a push-hold enabling a profile and then release allowing the it to switch back to the previous. Is this something you might be able to implement in the future? I have this kind of hotkey setup in one of my own programs and I'm sure it is easy to replicate in yours as well. Let me know if you would like to see the code.

    1. The GUI is written in AutoIt and the global hotkey function uses Unfortunately there isn't an easy tie in to mouse buttons, but if you could use your mouse drivers to remap those to keys then you could kind of indirectly use them.

      Push-hold to enable is doable, but there's a part of me that implicitly thinks that's kind of a bad thing to do in terms of muscle memory (as much as I disagree with people about accel being bad for muscle memory, I don't like the idea of switching between different profiles often).

      That said, if you are familiar with AutoIt, the source code for the GUI is included with the zip file. Feel free to poke around at it. I probably won't be changing anything in it too soon - it fits my needs (I'm still using mouse accel on my PC at all times) and I'm usually pretty busy with other stuff.

  3. I'm a little confused about how to find my personal sensitivity cap for 180 degree flicks. Could someone help me with that?

    1. and are very nice. even thou i think the never version without the cap for the lowsens is better