Friday, April 14, 2017

Copying your accel settings between DPIs

If you are interested in increasing your mouse's DPI to create a smoother acceleration curve, this calculator can help you get a similar feel to the curve you are currently using. Note that it won't be exactly the same as before due to the driver having more inputs to work with, but overall I find higher DPIs feel much better and more consistent.

Post-Scale X
Post-Scale Y

Note that if you have the "Scale Accel with Post-Scale X" or "Scale SensCap with Post-Scale X" options checked, then the values for those variable will be adjusted when you change Post-Scale X. Make sure that your sensitivity cap number is the same as the old number before you save changes (Sensitivity cap is a multiplier of how much your sensitivity can be raised relative to post-scale, so if it was 2 to double your sensitivity, make sure it's still 2 after you change the other values).

And if you use any Power that isn't 2, I have no idea if this is right or not - sorry.